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Expert in vintage costume jewelry from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s & 1950s

1940s Dewees emerald and diamante dress clip

1940s Jewelry

This collection of 1940s jewelry includes ear clips, necklaces, double-clip brooches, bracelets, and brooches in bold Retro Modern and delicate Victorian motifs. Because women’s clothing during the war years was austere and masculine, jewelry became very feminine. Stylized flowers and animals as well as buckles, bows, ribbons and fabric-like folds were popular. Bracelets were wide and often worn over gloves. Big and bold brooches were worn on the shoulder of day and evening attire. Double-clip brooches, still enormously popular, evolved from geometric pieces into asymmetrical, three-dimensional images. White base metals were replaced with sterling silver, often with yellow-, pink-, green-, and/or rose-gold plating.