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Expert in vintage costume jewelry from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s & 1950s

Jewelry Resources

Learn about vintage costume jewelry

Jewelry History

Barbara's recommended books and online resources for those interested in the history of costume jewelry. Learn the difference between design patents and utility patents, and their importance in dating and identifying the maker.

Costume Jewelry Guide

Barbara answers your jewelry FAQs, describes key styles by decade, and defines jewelry terms.


Jewelry Makers

In this directory, Barbara profiles makers active during the 'golden age' of costume jewelry.

Feature Articles by Barbara Schwartz

Front and back of 2 line bracelets by Otis

Bracelets by Otis: A Surprising Connection

Read how Barbara uncovered a link between Otis and Wachenheimer Bros., and in the process made other important connections...

Schreiber & Hiller brooch with multi-color stones and diamante

Schreiber & Hiller: A Jewelry Mystery Solved

Barbara's knowledge of 1930s patent marks plus her jewelry sleuthing research skills solved a maker mystery dating back to the 1930s...

Latest Blog Posts

Women Adorning Women: Who Were They?

Women Adorning Women: Who Were They?

Women’s History Month has inspired me to research and write about three women jewelry designers of the first half of the 20th century: Nettie Rosenstein, Elvira De Rosa and Maria...

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Holiday gift guide ideas

Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for unique vintage gifts? Our annual Holiday Gift Guide is full of ideas! Find authentic vintage costume jewelry and purses that are truly unique. See what's new, shop our...

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